is a passion

Aegean Seferihisar district with a charming became famous with cleaning and clarity of the sea. Seferihisar has managed to attract the attention of those who desire to live a pleasant life.

Seferihisar is a passion

About Seferihisar

Seferihisar is located in the Aegean region and southwest of Izmir. The oldest settlement in its territory is Teos, and it is known that it was founded by Cretans fleeing from the Achaeans in 2000 BC and it was a city of Carians. Thus, it can be said that the region is a 4000-year-old settlement. It became a county in 1884 before the Republic. Today, it is one of the 30 districts of Izmir. In 2009 the city by globalization has been a uniform perspective oppose Turkey’s first citta-slow town.

The establishment place of the district center is 18 m above sea level. The city, which extends north-south direction Kızıldağlar’s (1080) west sea, descending slopes and valleys Kocaçay was established on the plains. It has a typical Mediterranean climate. Summers are generally hot and rainy; winters are warm and slightly rainy.

Seferihisar is a passion

About Seferihisar

It is 45 km away from İzmir city center. It is surrounded by Urla and Güzelbahçe in the north and Menderes in the east. Although the west and south of the district has a coast to the Aegean sea, the district center is 5 km from the sea. There is no railway transportation in the district.

The main livelihood of agriculture, fishing, and tourism with 49 km of coastline and historical sites.

The most important of these are Sığacık castle, Teos ancient city, Dionysus temple, Lebesdos ancient city, Karaköse ruins, Myonnesos island.

There is a fishing port and 400 yacht capacity marina in Sığacık. Transportation to some Greek islands started in the summer.

It is about 30 minutes from Seferihisar airport. It is possible to travel fast from the motorway over Güzelbahçe or on a separate road from Gümüldür. District continuously from the minibus to Izmir, buses are the public transportation. In summer, buses run to Istanbul and Ankara.

The distance to the settlements in the vicinity of Seferihisar district center is as follows:

Airport ( Menderes ) : 45 km
Güzelbahçe: 23 km
Konak (İzmir city center): 45 km
Urla: 30 km
Çeşme: There are 65 km (approximately 45 minutes) of motorways.
Gümüldür: 28 km
Özdere: 38 km
Selçuk: 52 km
Kuşadası: 77 km